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How to Practice more Effectively

Golf is a game. Golf isn't a sport that is designed for us to celebrate how good our swings are, or even how well we strike the ball for that matter.

Getting that ball in hole in the lowest strokes we can muster is the goal. So confidence and endurance are key attributes one needs to accomplish this. That being said, it is vital that we practice so we can build our skill to be able to perform on the course when we have to and want to the most. Preparation for the 1st tee is different for each of us, however there are certain things we need to accomplish on the practice fairway before we are ready for the course. Watch this short video which has a few hints on how you can better prepare to play your round.

Mind to Movement Coffee Club

Junior Golf – How can we improve our Junior programs to increase participation?

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If I had the luxury of choosing where I could concentrate my time as a golf coach, it would be with out doubt Junior Golf Development. Having access to juniors from an early age gives me the best opportunity to have the biggest impact on a players golfing life. Their early development is crucial to their ultimate success of reaching their full potential. Unfortunately I see too many kids come into the game and leave within a school term. Hey, I can't blame them with several sports to choose from at their fingertips, why choose golf? There are so many other active sports and less intimidating individual sports such as tennis and athletics. So how do we attract more kids to the game, but more importantly keep them in the game? To me, two main ingredients are required; 1. Our golf programs need to be ever changing and need to include on course participation at least half the time. Don't get caught up in how they 'should' be swinging the club. Keep your program concentrated on the 'game' of golf. Learn how to coach a group session at it's most efficient and effective way (I will post on this soon), if a parent is worried that you are not attending to their child enough, don't let that affect you. Calmly mention that this is a group learning environment and you do offer 1 on 1 lessons. 2. Our passion for their development can not be over looked. The kids DO respond to the emotion you put into your coaching whether they know it or not. Your passion impacts their perception of the game. Even if they do leave the junior squad, if you have done your job, they should never forget the game. Once they have tried other sports and experienced time away from the game, the golf experience that you have given them will encourage them back to the game in the future, what ever age that is. Try and put yourself in the kids shoes for a minute. Would you prefer games, playing on course and team interaction? or individual skill work with limited games, comps and course play? Learning will happen when the child's participation increases within the squad. I find, when the child is emotionally attached to the group or coach and ultimately the game, you won't loose them to any other sport. (I do encourage kids to play a range of sports for learning) Below is a short movie of a junior squad I have been looking after for a semester at their school. It is so exciting to see them out playing the game we have been learning on their school grounds for 4 months.

How can you learn from Tiger Woods – A mind that wins

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 5.04.30 pm

This is a video on my observations of Tiger woods. From: how he has produced his records, recent chipping improvement and why I think he can still win a Major. Mind to Movement YouTube Channel Tiger Woods is with out doubt, still the number 1 talking point in the world of golf. We used to talk about how incredible his feats were, his toughness down the stretch, his incredible shot making or marvelled at how he holed numerous winning putts on the 72nd holes of tournaments. Now the talk seems to be on, what is next for Tiger? Why is he struggling? How long has he got left? Is he done? I hear a lot of negative and brutal synopsises on Tiger and the state of his game. We are all quick to put our 2 cents in, whether we are playing off 25 handicap, playing off scratch, or are fellow professionals. Everyone seems to care enough to want to add to the conversation. This is a great thing for golf as people talking about this great game is only beneficial for the industry, whether it is positive or negative. In this video I put my 2 cents in to the conversation currently going on around the golfing globe. I commentate on what I see from Tiger's form, his talk about his own state of play and goals, and why I think he is the greatest mind in sports. I give my point of view based on the facts at hand and with the bigger picture as a template. My conclusion may startle a few. I believe, Tiger still has 5 major wins in him. This feat will surpass Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors and leave Tiger alone on top as the greatest record holder in Golf history.

Anne Spooner


It only took 4 lessons to learn to love golf again. Each shot is a process that we have developed. I understand the process and it works. My swing is massively improved as is my handicap! No more stress! Thanks Jake!

Eugene Nix


My name is Eugene and I am a member at Lakelands Golf Club I am a low handicapper who currently plays pennant golf. For the past 9 months I have been guided by Jake in becoming a more competent player in the short game area. He has given me the confidence and technique to allow me to conquer my fears around the greens. Without doubt the tuition I have received from Jake is allowing me to take giant leaps forward in the quality of golf I now possess in my short game. Jake is extremely knowledgeable and professional .in his application of his coaching. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing help with their golf game.

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