Mind To Movement's “Complete Approach” to training includes four major training and learning areas: technical, mental, physical & strategic. Our programs are individually tailored to meet each students targets. We believe a golf swing and game should be built around each individuals strengths and avoids a one size fits all mentality. A true measure of great coaching technique is giving the player the foundations of which they can continue to build their games on to reach full playing potential.

San Diego Golfing

San Diego GolfingSan Diego Golfing:


We specialize in creating a more personal golf experience for you or your group. Offering our services in San Diego County as well as Northern Baja.

Golf Diego is a San Diego based company that caters to new and advanced golfers around the world who would like to experience what San Diego and Baja have to offer. With an industry leading 94+ courses in the area, we offer services such as single/multiple course golf tours, lessons, club rentals, and TaylorMade/Callaway facility tours.

Guided Hunts

Guided HuntsBull Hill Training Ranch in Kettle Falls, WA is offering their specialty guided hunts for very low prices. Bull Hill's guided hunts are among the best you can find; each guided hunt includes lodging and meals, as well as the lodge being fully furnished and complete with WiFi and satellite television. Some hunting accessories include both moving and stationary steel targets. For details call (509)-768-4452 or view

Horseback Riding In Breckenridge

horseback riding in breckenridgeLooking for Breckenridge recreation ideas? There are many options to choose from. The Breckenridge area is known as one of the most vibrant and inviting regions in all of Colorado, and a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all types. Located in the heart of the mountains, surrounded by forests, meadows, and snow-capped peaks, Breckenridge is a prime recreation destination in both summer and winter. Rusty Spurr Ranch

Basic Sniper Courses

basic sniper coursesApex Sniper School is a professional sniper training school that offers a three-day, 30-hour Basic Sniper/ Counter Sniper course, and a 30-hour, Advanced Sniper Course. Apex Sniper School is located in Western Colorado near the city of Grand Junction. With a large regional airport, we are able to attract students from all over the United States. Everything a student may need during their stay can be found here, in Grand Junction.

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