How can you learn from Tiger Woods – A mind that wins

Posted on: May 11, 2015 Written by: Jake Killeen

This is a video on my observations of Tiger woods. From: how he has produced his records, recent chipping improvement and why I think he can still win a Major.

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Tiger Woods is with out doubt, still the number 1 talking point in the world of golf. We used to talk about how incredible his feats were, his toughness down the stretch, his incredible shot making or marvelled at how he holed numerous winning putts on the 72nd holes of tournaments.

Now the talk seems to be on, what is next for Tiger? Why is he struggling? How long has he got left? Is he done?

I hear a lot of negative and brutal synopsises on Tiger and the state of his game. We are all quick to put our 2 cents in, whether we are playing off 25 handicap, playing off scratch, or are fellow professionals. Everyone seems to care enough to want to add to the conversation. This is a great thing for golf as people talking about this great game is only beneficial for the industry, whether it is positive or negative.

In this video I put my 2 cents in to the conversation currently going on around the golfing globe. I commentate on what I see from Tiger's form, his talk about his own state of play and goals, and why I think he is the greatest mind in sports. I give my point of view based on the facts at hand and with the bigger picture as a template.

My conclusion may startle a few. I believe, Tiger still has 5 major wins in him. This feat will surpass Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors and leave Tiger alone on top as the greatest record holder in Golf history.

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